5 Mutual Masturbation Tips for Men

My mutual masturbation techniques all have one thing in common: pleasure. When trying out these techniques, consult with your partner about tweaking the situations to best suit your sexual needs and desires. Be sure to use a quality lubricant when enjoying masturbation.


This simplistic technique requires that one partner ask the other to go into the bedroom or other designated room for pleasure and begin masturbating. After a few moments, the second person enters the room and sits across the room or close to the person who is already deeply involved in masturbating. No words are spoken. The second person, who typically enjoys voyeurism, receives pleasure from viewing their partner’s pleasure.

Story Time

For a couple or Jacks group, a sexual story shared by one participant. As each person masturbates, one participants tells a sexually explicit story either from personal experience. This technique not only allows for higher sexual arousal for all involved, but let’s each person get to know the other person’s sexual desires and fantasies. This can be used for future masturbation sessions. Simply google erotica to find a story of your choosing . Erotica captures the tension and raw energy of desire.

Two Toys

Mutual masturbation should involve toys. This is a new frontier for men. With each partner using a toy on the other, twice the fun is created. One partner can use a masturbator such as the Super Sucker 2.0 Masturbator while the other enjoys anal stimulation from a protstate massager. You can switch toys to double your pleasure.

Give and Take

One of the most satisfying mutual masturbation techniques is the give and take. This technique is achieved when one partner masturbates or manually stimulates the other partner for several minutes then receives for several minutes until climax is reached by both.


The final entry on the list of mutual masturbation techniques is one step from penetration. Frottage is growing as a satisfying alternative to penetration. One partner places his pelvis on the pelvis of his partner. He moves as if achieving penetration without the actual act. Be sure to rub lubricant between the legs of your partner to prevent dick burn. The rubbing of the genitals creates immense pleasure for each partner.

Masturbation doesn’t have to be a solo sport. With a little creativity, you can create a fantastic experience when you are not in the mood to go all the way. But don’t be suprised if your partner requests another round.