Bijoux Cosmetiques Massage Oil Scented Review

Aphrodisia Scented Massage Oil scented massage oil is a midnight mistress that delights in the dark. With charming scents for a subtle seduction , this bottle of magic leaves your senses spellbound.

Size: 100ml
Colour: Clear
Material: Oil based
Texture: Smooth
Toy friendly: No
Condom friendly: No
Bijoux Cosmetiques Massage Oil Scented

What a great product to add to your foreplay! With their amazing attention detail this massage oil was presented in a beautifully detailed box with truly unique scent. Overall I am really happy with this oil. Providing a lot of diversity, the Aphrodisia Scented Massage Oil allows couples to explore each other’s bodies in a fun and intimate manner. Both my partner and I adored the warming sensation of this oil.

Formulated and inspired by the Kama sutra, this decadent oil is perfumed with notes of jasmine, rich woods and spices, sweet roses and exotic ylang-ylang blending together

Brought from Matildas


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