How to Make Her Squirt

Squirting orgasm is so amazing and powerful that other orgasm types are pale in comparison. This is what makes female squirting so special.

Play with this method, learn it, do it. Be patient, enjoy the process, don’t expect immediate results. It may take some time before you master this art.

So here are 4 steps to achieving female squirting.
Note: These steps are equally good for a couple and a single woman doing it on her own.


  • Trim fingernails and wash your hands.
  • Have lubricant, STD protection, dildo, or G spot stimulator ready.
  • Prepare a few towels so she can ejaculate on them.
Create a sphere where you and your partner will feel excited, comfortable, and relaxed. Turn off your cell phones, light some candles, put some sensual music on.
Let her go to the bathroom. Her bladder and intestines should be empty before you begin. This way when she will have to push out the fluid she will not feel embarrassed and can really let go. This is most necessary part of preparing to achieve female squirting.
Ask your partner to communicate with you. You cannot read her mind so she has to tell you if you are causing her any pain/going too hard/to slow, etc.


  • Take your time to build sexual tension. Make foreplay especially long this time.
  • Give her a sensual massage.
  • Good foreplay usually takes at least 30-40 minutes.


The best position to acieve female squirting is when a woman lies on her back and you position yourself between her thighs.
Stimulate her clitoris and outer lips to awaken the whole vagina area. Use generous amount of lubrication in addition to her vaginal juices.
First, insert your middle finger at 12 o’clock position (palm up) and start making movements as if you want to say, “Come Here.” Add your index finger after a few minutes and continue doing the same movement with two fingers simultaneously.

You can also use a dildo or G spot stimulator for this. The G spot is situated about 4-5 cm (2 inches) deep inside the vagina along the upper wall. In fact you are stimulating her vagina with two fingers or a dildo along the upper wall.

Try several ways to stimulate the G spot. Try to press. Try to move your fingers in circles. Keep doing it until you find the way, which feels most pleasurable for her. Stimulate that particular area to allow your woman to reach the highest level of arousal.

The first 4-5 cm (1-2 inches) of the upper wall of her vagina will slowly get more and more swollen. You will begin to feel that area becoming slightly rougher than the rest of the vagina.

This means that you are doing everything right and the tissue surrounding her urethra is being filled with ejaculation fluid produced by Paraurethral/Skenes glands .

Remember to communicate with your woman! Let her tell you which of your movements feels the best.

The fluid in urethra will initially feel exactly like when she has to pee so at this moment woman might start thinking and telling you that she needs to urinate. This is the right time to put her at rest and explain that she has to let it go.
Tell her to relax and to allow this feeling to build. She should not resist it in any way. Any attempt to stop peeing will immediately stop the ejaculation.

Verbal communication is very important at this point. Your woman may need reassurance that you are excited about this adventure and that you will be happy if she makes you all wet.
Do not rush things. Take time to build her sexual excitement. You cannot GIVE her squirting orgasm. She can only ALLOW herself to have one. This is the basic rule for achieving female squirting.


When your woman is at the highest point of her arousal, she will need to relax her bladder and push hard as if she is giving birth to a child or forces a bowel movement. At this moment the ejaculation fluid will come out of her urethra.

If it does not, it’s ok too. Repeat STEP 3 until she finally achieves ejaculation and experiences female squirting. If she does not do it on the first night it’s totally ok.

As I mentioned before if you are learning it on your own (without good professional guidance) it might take some time.
Be patient. In any case it’s a great adventure to undertake together.

Often she gets so carried away by this powerful orgasm (which is much stronger that anything she ever felt before) that she does not even notice the fluid coming out of her.

Note: the amount of fluid varies greatly from woman to woman. It may be just a few drops or it might be a whole waterfall. Whatever happens is good. Her pleasure and sensations are your goal, not an amount of liquid.
Right after she ejaculates embrace her, cherish her. She is most emotional and sensitive during these minutes. Celebrate this moment together!