Male Pubic Hair and Scrotum Shaving: Benefits and Tips

First of all (and perhaps to many the most important reason), shaving it can make your erection look positively huge. When your pubic hair covers up part of the shaft, visually it can seem much shorter. The hidden part of the shaft will be revealed and can make your penis look a half inch longer. But, of course you wouldn’t care about that.
If you’re still not convinced here are the other benefits:

• Improved hygiene: Don’t forget about hygiene. Your whole area will be cleaner, smell better, and be much more inviting, too.

• Interest & novelty: Your hair removal can be a new novelty approach to grooming, adding interest if you’re in a long term relationship and want to switch it up.

• Healthiness: Your shaft and scrotum will not only look cleaner, but it will be healthier. Take advantage of your smooth area to examine your testicles regularly. Your partner can rest assured that she is protected from skin eruptions or unusual bugs.

• Sensuality: Even shaving can be sexy. Get your partner to help you shave with lots of gel and teasing razor strokes can be very erotic.

• General sexiness: The benefits of having a shaved pubic area will be apparent straight away. A smooth scrotum begs to be touched.

Shaving Your Pubic Hair and Scrotum

1. Prepare by selecting the best sharp razor (Recommended: Gillette Mach3), a pair of sharp small scissors and great shaving cream (as mild as possible). The one for sensitive skin works best, and brands like The Art of Shaving (Recommended: The Art of Shaving Cream), Colgate, and Neutrogena all have great products. Choose a new razor blade on a razor you’re familiar with so there are no surprises.
2. Use the scissors to get rid of as much hair as possible so that actual shaving with razor is easier and more effective. But please be very careful with the scissors around your family jewels.
3. Hop in a steamy shower. Take a full shower before shaving or wash the area with warm water, so the hair gets soft and easier to shave.
4. After drying off get a full lather of shaving cream on the base of your shaft and around it, as well as the scrotum. The more the merrier.

5. Start shaving at your shaft. Stretch the skin and stroke downwards from the head of your penis and then continue to shave around the upper pubic area. If you’d like a completely clean shaven look, continue to remove all the hair around the shaft as well.
6. Continue to stroke down into the hairline around your testicles, and then carefully shave your testicles with a smooth upward motion.
7. Rinse and dry the area carefully. You’ll want to moisturize your skin afterwards for comfort, and adding a slight dusting of powder can help with any potential chafing. Witch hazel and aloe vera are effective in calming sensitive skin (Recommended: Thayers Witch Hazel with Aloe Vera). Applying body powder is essential to prevent itching and minimize friction. Recommended powder specifically formulated for men is Balla Powder Talc For Men.


*Remember: the pubic area is quite sensitive, and it may take some time for your skin to adjust to the razor. A perfectly smooth shave may take a little time to achieve.
*It is normal to experience itching after the first few times of shaving.
*Rinse your razor after each stroke! Just like with your face, a clogged razor can alter the effectiveness of the shave.
*Shave without applying pressure and with the grain.
*It’s important to exfoliate after shaving your pubic area. Rub lightly with a sponge, washcloth, or loofah (nothing too harsh) to prefer blocked pores and ingrown hairs.
*Avoid any lotions or powders which contain colors or strong fragrances.
Sometimes shaving can affect certain individuals negatively. Red bumps may occur as the hair grows back. If this happens to you, cortisone cream can soothe irritation, and is available from your local pharmacy or drugstore. Regular cream can also affect the pubic area as well, and switching over to hypoallergenic shaving cream could help.
If you’ve never shaved your genitals before, it’s worth giving it a try. For summer coolness or just an extra touch of sex appeal, the benefits could surprise you.