All your Questions about Balls answered

All your questions about balls answered Balls can be mind-boggling to anyone who doesn’t have them, but rest easy. Help is on the way.

1. Is ball size the same issue as penis size, e.g. self-consciousness,
comparing to other guys, etc.?

Guys don’t worry about their testicles in the same way, no. That said, if they’re abnormally small, guys still get self conscious. If you Google it, you’ll still see guys posting on message boards and Yahoo answers to see if their testicles aren’t right.

Average Testicle Size

Testicles, responsible for producing testosterone and spermatozoa, tend to vary in size from one place on Earth to the next, but the following small chart is a good concensus for the average testicular size – please note some are bigger, some are smaller, but this is the average size of the human testicles.

Testicle Size Dimension Average
Length 2 in (5 cm)
Width 0.8 in (2 cm)
Height 1.2 in (3 cm)

Measurement Technique

The best way to get an accurate reading is plain and simple – use a thermometer! Similar to the way you would take your temperature under your arm-pitt, orally, or even rectally, simply use a thermometer to measure your testicular temperature.

Average Testicle Volume

The volume of the testicle can be calculated using the length, width, and height dimensions as illustrated above. Multiplying these dimensions, we can achieve an accurate indication of the Average Testicle Volume as shown:

Average Testicle Volume: 1.10 in³ (18 cm³)


2. What do guys do with their balls when they poop — do they hold them out of the way or let them dangle or, like, what’s up?

For some reason, there’s no Gallup poll concerning what men do with their balls while pooping. But typically, they let them dangle. They’re hanging out of the way of the poop and the water level is probably too low for them to touch the water. But high water levels (or age) would mean that yeah, they might have to hold them with one hand during. A much more real and immediate problem is having the water splash up onto your balls while flushing. It’s very important for guys to stand before flushing a toilet they are not immediately
familiar with. Public toilets especially can flush violently and aggressively, sending jets of poop water at the back of our scrotum. It’s exactly as pleasant as that last sentence made it sound.


3. Do guys check their balls all the time for lumps like some women do with breast cancer lumps?

Do guys do it? Hopefully. Are guys supposed to do it? Absolutely. It should be painfully obvious at this point that I’m some idiot and not a physician, so it’s probably better to use the American Cancer Society as a resource here.


4. Is one ball slightly bigger than the other, a la boobs?

You bet. Just like with breasts, one ball is usually bigger or sits lower in that wrinkly flesh hammock we call a scrotum.Guys Balls and Sacks


5. What does it feel like to get kicked in the balls?

It is genuinely awful. There are a ton of pain receptors hanging out there and nothing to protect them: no fatty tissue or muscles to cushion the blow. On top of that, there are nerves that run up into our abdomen, spine, and butt (which is why guys can get a stomachache when it happens, too). So basically, we get hit with the worst pain imaginable, and then that pain travels all throughout our
midsection. It’s actually been argued that the sensation is similar to childbirth (although obviously not nearly as long-lasting).


6. Is ball-touching essential to your sexual experience?

Essential? Absolutely not. We don’t need ball stimulation to achieve an orgasm. Still, it never hurts to give them some attention if you’re up for it.


7. How should women touch balls if they want to?

Ideally, with your mouth. Just put them in there and play around with them a bit. If the idea of that grosses you out, you can hold them in your hand and juggle them with your fingers. Don’t pull on the sack like you’re ringing a dick bell or anything.


8. What does it feel like to be touched on your balls vs your penis? Does ball skin feel more sensitive than peen skin?

It’s definitely a different feeling. And while having your balls fondled during sex feels great, it’s probably not going to make a guy orgasm all on its own. But it’d likely push him over the edge. If I had to venture my best guess here, I’d say balls are pretty equivalent to breasts in that respect. Plus, both balls and breasts can get really sweaty and chafe. And they both begin with “b”. In fact, if you drew up a venn diagram for the two of them, there’d probably be a considerable amount. Not nipples, though. That wouldn’t be in the middle.


9. Why do some ball sacks sag and others are high?

Scrotums react to a lot of different stimuli like temperature, but just like penises, each ball sack is a beautiful and unique work of art (OK, they’re gross). Some guys have bigger ball sacks, some guys have smaller ones, or tighter ones, or looser ones.

10. Are blue balls real? And is it related to actual testicles?

This has been debated for a really long time. Having an uncomfortable amount of fluid buildup is definitely real, and can happen to both men and women for a variety of reasons. The balls don’t really turn blue, but ask any guy who hasn’t had the chance to finish and he’ll tell you the feeling is certainly uncomfortable. There are a lot of ways to get rid of blue balls (essentially, make the erection
go away) that don’t involve guilting you into a blow job, though. So if he does that, run.


11. Do you have to moisturize your ball sack skin?

It’s skin, so it can get dry just like every other part of the body. I don’t think most dudes have a special bottle of ball lotion or anything, but it’s all on a case by case basis.


12. How do you shave balls? Do you like pull them taught?

Probably the best description would be those old-timey cartoon barbers that take a razor and swipe it back and forth on a leather strop.

13. Can you feel them contract/expand? Can you do it on command?

We can’t really feel it. I suppose if it’s something we’re actively focusing on as it’s happening, we can be a bit aware of it. We can’t do any of it on command, though. It’s an automatic function brought on by temperature change or arousal.


14. Does it hurt if you jump or run without underwear on, or in boxers?

We don’t have to stay perfectly still without any kind of buffer (and boxers themselves don’t offer much), but any kind of repeated action can definitely bother them; most guys would get a sinking feeling in their stomach if they forgot their underwear or jockstrap the day we were doing sprints and jumping jacks in gym glass. You can grit your teeth and bear it, but it’d be like doing active movements without a sports bra.