Best MMF Sex Positions

If you want to really enjoy MMF, you’re going to need to know the best MMF sex positions to enjoy. Speaking as someone who’s been in plenty of them, the following sex positions are great for MMF.

Spit Roasting


To do spit roasting, the girl has to get on her hands and knees. One guy takes her doggy style, while she gives head to the other guy. This is one of the best MMF positions for beginners, primarily because it’s comfortable for all involved and requires minimum athleticism.

You might actually know this infamous sex position by other names already. This position is also known as the eiffel tower, and pig on a spit.

The Cuddle Puddle

Do you have two bisexual men who want plenty of man-on-man action? This is one of the best MMF threesome sex positions to ensure this happens. In order to do this, one man has to start having sex in a spoon position. The woman then becomes a “spoon” to the man in the middle.

This is a very intimate sex position that ensures everyone gets laid. The only thing that may be an issue is the man’s size. If a guy’s penis isn’t long enough, this might not be doable.

The Double Blowjob


This is one of the best MMF sex positions primarily because it means both guys get oral sex at the same time. The guys stand up, the girl is on her knees, and she’s taking turns sucking them off. It’s fairly straightforward — and also happens to be a standard position used in porn.

Modified Cowgirl

With modified cowgirl, the woman gets comfort and control over how she has sex, while both men get pleasure. Since it’s an easy to perform sex position, it’s one of the best MMF sex positions for newbies to the act.

Basically, this all starts when the woman rides the man cowgirl-style. The other man is standing above her, and she’s giving oral sex to him while he’s standing. This position can also be done in reverse cowgirl too.

For men who may be a bit nervous about play from another man, this is a great position that gives them the space they need to feel comfortable.

Daisy Chain

There are a bunch of different ways to do daisy chain. This is one of the best MMF sex positions out there that can actually be done by any assortment of genders. Basically, it involves each person giving oral sex to another person.

So, it could be that a man performs fellatio on another man who’s currently eating a girl out. Or, it could be a woman performing fellatio on a man while the other man eats her out.

It can also be done in FFM threesomes, gay threesomes, or lesbian threesomes. The sky is the limit here.


169 is one of the best MMF sex positions — but only if both men are okay with the option of giving oral sex during sex. Since a lot of heterosexual men tend to be grossed out by that possibility, we suggest this only for threesomes with bisexual men, or threesomes involving a cuckolding element to them.

169 is a lot like 69, except with a lot more “bisexual-friendly” oral sex opportunities. One man lays on the bottom, face up. The woman gets on top in a “69” position. The second man then starts having sex with the woman in the doggy style position.

Man In The Middle


In spit roasting, there’s a woman in the center of the threesome. Man in the middle switches things around by having the two men having sex in doggy style while the middle man gives oral sex to the woman.

This is a very bisexual-friendly threesome, but for obvious reason, doesn’t fare well with heterosexual men.

Some other favourites: