How To Use A Fleshlight

A Guide to Using Your Fleshlight Sex Toy

The Fleshlight is one of the most popular, if not the most popular men’s sex toys on the market. They are portable and concealable, and their patented ‘super skin’ inserts make them the most realistic male masturbation toys in the world. It’s tempting to buy your first Fleshlight online, rip it out of the box as soon as it gets to your home and just go for it, but a few minutes of preparation can make your first experience, and the many more to come so much more enjoyable.

Clean amd warm up your Fleshlight before use

You will notice that your Fleshlight looks like a giant, over-sized torch/flash light! Unscrew the top lid off your fleshlight, and take the soft, ‘super skin’ sleeve out of the casing.
Run water through the sleeve, or place the sleeve in a sink full of warm water, warming the ‘super skin’ insert to the desired temperature.
Remove Fleshlight from the water and shake it thoroughly to remove any excess water.

Lubricate yourself and your Fleshlight

Now that your Fleshlight sleeve is nicely warmed up, place it back its case, and get some water-based lube. Please note: using any lube other than water based lubricant can be harmful to your sensitive Flesh light ‘super skin’.
Squirt a generous amount of lube into your hand and work it into the sleeve
One you have lubricated your Fleshlight, it’s time to lubricate your penis. If you’re planning on using a condom, place the condom over your penis before applying lubrication.
Keep a towel or cloth close by to wipe excess lube off your hands and to help you clean up once you’re done.

Start the Fun!

Penetrate the Fleshlight with your Penis and start having fun!
There are a few different ways that you can use your Fleshlight;

Laying on your back

Laying on your back, grip your Fleshlight with two hands and move it up and down the length of your penis. From this position you can tease yourself, and control the pace.

On your front

Place your Fleshlight under 1 or two pillows and penetrate it like you would if you were making love to your partner. Go as hard or slow as you like!


Firmly secure your Fleshlight by wedging it between your mattress and the base of your bed, or, purchase one of our great shower mounts and secure your Fleshlight to the wall in the shower or another room of your choice. Now it’s time to have some fun!

Add Some Vibration

If you want to spice things up a bit, add some vibration to the mix. The ‘Fleshlight Vibro’ is amazing, and shows that vibrators aren’t just for our lady friends..

Add it into Foreplay

Add it into your forelay time for some extra play time before the full on fun.






Wash and Store the Fleshlight.

The party is over and it is time to clean up. There are some important things to remember when cleaning your toy, to keep it in good form for a long time:

Do not use soap on your toy’s sleeve – ever. Soap will damage the Fleshlight and can burn your skin during use.
If you need to spot clean, use isopropyl alcohol.

To keep the Fleshlight sleeve soft and realistic, liberally sprinkle cornstarch on the sleeve and shake off excess.
Do not ever use baby powder or talc on your Fleshlight.

To clean, just rinse the sleeve and canister in warm water under the sink or bathtub faucet. Allow time for each to dry completely before storing them or closing the caps on the Fleshlight. As a best practice for keeping the Fleshlight’s sleeve soft, liberally apply cornstarch to its surfaces and shake off any excess.

For best drying, place the toy’s parts on a towel in a well-ventilated area. Next to a fan or air conditioning duct works great. If you need to dry and store it quickly, like before company comes over, use a chamois or lint-free towel to pat surfaces dry. Then run the towel through the sleeve, from one end to the other.

If the Fleshlight’s parts are not dry when stored, mildew can grow inside the sleeve and an odor can develop. If this ever happens, just use isopropyl alcohol to remove the spots. A best practice is to leave the end caps slightly open when storing.