Anal for straight men

Anal for straight men has always been a taboo. In part because of a false idea of emasculation and partly because of the “ew” factor. Those insecurities, mostly rooted in internalized homophobia, have kept straight guys from getting in on butt play.

Women have—ahem—plugged in to this idea a long time ago, many of them saying they achieve orgasm during anal sex.

Men who have sex with men have been in on this secret for centuries. How to Get Away With Murder brought us tons of man-on-man ass play in the form of rimming and just good ol’ straight forward anal.
It seems that women and men who have sex with men have cornered the market on the booty. It’s time straight men got in on the action. We’ve reached peak anal. Don’t be left out.

Below are six reasons you should stimulate that prostate.

1. It’s healthy to explore your sexuality
Most of the objection from straight men about doing anal is fear it’ll somehow negate their heterosexuality. The idea of penetration repels bros everywhere.

This isn’t the nineties. Every straight man should explore himself and overcome that homophobic stigma.
Straight guy Donald did just that. Using a prostate massager, Donald found he really enjoyed the vibrating experience (perhaps a little too much). But why won’t other straight guys take the plunge? “I think more than anything, it’s just probably society at large having social constructs that says that’s off-limits, [and] that you’re gay,” Donald said.

The only thing that’s gay is being gay. There are plenty of ways to explore your nether regions. Solo or with a female partner, using fingers or adding toys into the mix. Whatever it may be, don’t let fears of being perceived as gay keep you from trying your hand at it.

2. You can’t ask your GF to do anal if you won’t give it a go
Men have been after ass for a long time. So much so that in a 2007 Details story, many of them said they tried it on the first date. According to those featured, it’s a badge of honor to get a woman to agree to do anal. Luckily, many women enjoy it.

3. It makes you a better pitcher
Being penetrated gives you first-hand needed experience on what it’s like on the receiving end. For starters, when you finger yourself, you’ll notice that long nails are awful (and painful). Or, if you were to use a toy, you would understand why lube is of the gods and how important it is to not rush it. Preparation is important, and getting yourself to relax helps you achieve maximum pleasure.

4. Your girlfriend might like topping
There’s a good number of women who like topping guys. Broad City, yet again on being anal progressive, introduced TV to pegging (when a woman uses a strap-on with a man).
Crystal, a bisexual woman, told us that pegging for her is erotic.
“Pleasing my partner was a huge component,” Crystal said. “Also, learning to please myself at the same time. Most strap-ons have parts that go in the woman as well as on the clitoris.”
Indeed, many strap-ons now have parts that penetrate the female partner while she tops. This pleasures both the man and the woman as she knocks (and knocks knocks knocks) on his back door.

5. It can prevent cancer—really!
Well, ejaculating regularly can. According to a Harvard Medical study, “men who ejaculated 21 or more times a month enjoyed a 33% lower risk of prostate cancer compared with men who reported four to seven ejaculations a month throughout their lifetimes.”
Stimulating your prostate allows you to feel for any abnormalities while expediting the ejaculation process.

6. The prostrate-stimulated orgasm is amazing
Orgasming while having your prostate stimulated is the holy grail of orgasms. As Mark Simpson put it in the Telegraph, stimulating your prostate can give you “mind-blowing, leg-shaking, eye-rolling, neighbour-panicking pleasure.”

The prostate, affectionately known as the P-spot, is a hidden treasure cove of pleasures. Your nerve endings will give you sensations you wouldn’t be able to achieve otherwise. The ass revolution has arrived. Gentlemen, it’s time to hit your P-spot.