The Gay Man’s Guide To A Perfect Rim Job

The straight world lately has taken to a booty-eating craze, but gay guys have known about it since the beginning, honey. A good rim job doesn’t require a tongue alone. You need to have feeling, passion and, above all, a hell of an open mind.

It’s not like a vagina. We do not have a clitoris, obviously, but what we do have are tons of nerve endings that make us feel very happy when triggered – some dudes have less than others, which is why it’s important to explore his body a little before going to town. You want to give a perfect rim job, follow my rules:

Teasing is always pleasing.

Like other forms of foreplay, rimming requires a bit of teasing first. Work your way around the body before making him loose enough to be open. Rub his balls, massage his thighs, get his groin wet and slippery – the rest he is sure to do himself. Most teasing is a mental kind of warm up, giving him (the receiver) a wider range to give himself to you. The ultimate result is satisfaction.

Lick first, before you do anything else.

It’s all about the wetness. It’s the very thing that triggers us and sends those lovely shivers down our spin and ass when getting rimmed. Licking is like roaring up the engine, don’t forget to do that first! Once it gets started then the whole thing seems to magically come to place.

Let your tongue be the leader.

Imagine your tongue is an explorer – around the balls, into the anus, then up around the cheeks and back to this penis, then down again. It’s important for him to feel shivers not just on his ass, but the areas around it too. This way, he’ll be able to transfer some of those shivers to other moments. Listen to what he likes (he’ll make noise or his body will tremor), then let your tongue lead you back to those places.

Spread his cheeks wider so you can stimulate the nerve endings.

The feeling of getting your ass squeezed is nice, when it’s done right that is. Part of the pleasure of receiving is surrendering to the man. When you’re going down on him, be sure you spread the cheeks so that your tongue can get where it needs to go. He’ll feel the strength in your grip, which will force him to give in to you. There are surprising nerve endings in and around the anus, but only when it’s spread wide enough – not too wide, but just enough.

Doggy style makes for better access.

Even if you might not like doggy when you’re getting penetrated, I’m telling you, it’s a whole other story when you’re getting rimmed, honey. Hang his ass up in the air on all fours, and go to town. Watch his eyes light up with joy and pleasure because everything is being stimulated at once, so much so he doesn’t know where to concentrate. When he’s bent over, you also have more opportunities to slap, jerk, and dry hump any which way you can, simply because the position allows you to do so.

Explore the areas around simultaneously.

If you only stick with the butt, you are ignoring some serious details that might make all the difference. Put pressure on his taint, rub his balls, breathe hot air on his upper thigh, kiss the outer layer of his butt cheeks. While the anus is the goal post, it’s not going to be nearly as enjoyable if you don’t run the field first. Feel the moment and explore every precipice you can while you can.

Let the momentum grow.

Don’t chow down right from the start. You need to build up from nothing in order for him to continue progressing long after you’ve finished. Think of it as finding his mood (he’s going to have a different one every night) and matching that mood to your own rhythm.

Lift and wiggle his body like it weighs nothing.

Part of the erotica of getting eaten out is feeling like he’s doing whatever the f*ck he wants with you. You are the total sub and he, the dom. It’s the surrendering feeling that really will take him places, so what I like to do is give him a total experience. When his legs are spread, put your hands underneath his tailbone and lift it so his ass is up in the air while you’re going to town. Use his body and make him feel like a rag doll.