Best MFF Sex Positions

Below we have some of the best FFM positions for you and your partners to try out on a hot and steamy night.

Double Cowgirl

This FFM position is just like the traditional cowgirl position with the woman on top. Except in this scenario, there are two women on top and one guy on the bottom. Here’s how it goes: the guy lays down flat on his back while one woman rides him facing towards his face. The other woman then kneels on the guy’s face where the guy performs oral on her.

This is a great position for women because it allows them to have total control. The guy just lays there and has free range of his hands to feel around but is basically blind. The girls can touch, kiss and play with each other all while being pleasured by the guy. Did someone say woman power?

The Observer


The observer FFM position is just like it sounds. The guy and one woman have sex in doggy style position while the third partner watches and masturbates. This is the perfect position for couples who aren’t ready to have a full-on threesome and for couples who are into having someone else watch them go at it.

This position is also great to start in while everyone gets comfortable. From the observer it’s easy to transition into other positions or just stay there the entire time, whatever floats your boat.

Double Dip

 Double Dip

This is one of the best FFM positions to ensure that everybody is getting equal attention and no one feels left out. In this position the two women lie on top of each other where they are free to use their hands, grind, and kiss. For women really wanting to explore the FF part of the FFM , this position is for you.

But don’t worry, the guy isn’t left out. He gets to enter behind the women where he has access to penetrate both of them, hence the double dip name. He can alternate between the two woman all while getting a great view of the action below.

The Threesome Train


The train is an excellent variation on the more traditional doggy style but with oral. The guy and one woman enter into doggy style position and the second woman also assumes doggy style position in front of the first woman. This way the guy is penetrating the first partner, and one woman is performing oral on the other woman from behind.

This position is super hot but doesn’t afford a lot of intimacy. Nevertheless, it’s a fun position especially if you’re the guy who again gets a great view of the action.

Tag Team It

This is a great FFM move for a woman who really enjoys both being the center of the man’s attention and giving oral to another woman. With this move, one woman lies on the edge of the bed while the man is standing and penetrating her. The second woman then kneels on the first woman’s face, facing away from the man.

It’s a great way for the two woman to get really intimate with each other while not forgetting about the penetrating action of the man. This one can be a little exhausting for all involved so may not be able to be sustained for long. But the time you are in it is guaranteed to rock your world.

Deluxe Doggy Style


The deluxe doggy style is one of the best FFM positions because it provides the ultimate in pleasure. Here’s how it goes—the guy and one of the women assume doggy style position sex. The second woman lies on her back with her legs up facing the first woman. The first woman then performs oral on the second woman while getting penetrated from behind. The woman on her back can also play with the woman getting penetrated for even more pleasure.

In this position, every person involved gets great access to the ultimate pleasure. It’s also a comfortable move for everyone so it can be sustained for longer periods of time. This is a great move for FFM threesome beginners and those just looking for an easy ride to pleasure town.

The Math Equation


This FFM position is called the math equation because it’s essentially the original 69 position plus 1. Sound interested? Let’s break this down. The two woman get into 69 position, one lying flat on the bottom and the other on top with her face facing away from the other woman’s.

Now we’ve got the 69 and all that’s left to do is add the plus 1—the guy. The guy enters the equation from behind, penetrating either woman. He also has the option of hanging back and watching for a while if he needs a much-deserved break or causally joining in on the action with his fingers, hands, or tongues. This FFM threesome positions is one of the most versatile positions out there and is great for the end of your threesome when you’re starting to get tired.

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