Condom Size Chart

It’s hard to find a perfectly sized condom that’ll fit you when you’re hard. So we devised an awesome chart that displays our condoms’ measurements.

The condom size (e.g. how well it fits) plays a huge role in the condom’s effectiveness. If a condom is too large, it could come off during intercourse while condoms that are too small could break. If a condom is not long enough to cover the entire penis, bodily fluids could be transferred to your partner. All these scenarios would decrease your level of protection. Using the proper condom size also ensures the highest level of comfort, which is OH so important during any trip to pleasure town.

Condom too big VS
Condom to small
The right size

It’s not just the length of the penis to consider but also the girth. Well-endowed men, especially those who are thicker than average, are typically the ones who experience the most discomfort during sexual activity due to the ring or “head” of the condom being too snug.

Condoms In This Chart Are Listed From Shortest to Longest Length

The width calculation our condom size chart refers to the unstretched nominal width. You can get this by measuring the circumference around your penis and then dividing it by 2. Or, just skip all the math and measure all the way around the base of the erect shaft and this is your circumference.

 Condom Size Specifications 
Condom NameLengthWidthCircumferenceDiameterBrand
Trustex Mint Non-Lubricated Condoms6.87″2″ 4″ 1.27″ Trustex Condoms
Trojan Naturalamb Condoms7.37″ (187.19mm)1.5″ (63.5mm)5″ (63.5mm)1.59″ (40.38mm)Trojan Condoms
Durex Invisable Condoms7.5″ (190.5mm)1.87″ (47.63mm)3.74″ (95mm)1.19″ (30.22mm)Durex Condoms
Fantasy Rainbow Colored Condoms7.5″ (190.5mm)1.87″ (47.63mm)3.74″ (95mm)1.19″ (30.22mm)Fantasy Condoms
Kimono MicroThin Large Condoms7.5″ (190.5mm)1.87″ (47.63mm)3.74″ (95mm)1.19″ (30.22mm)Kimono Condoms
Kimono MicroThin Plus Aqua Lube Condoms7.5″ (190.5mm)1.87″ (47.63mm)3.74″ (95mm)1.19″ (30.22mm)Kimono Condoms
Trojan BareSkin Studded Condoms7.5″ (190.5mm)1.35″ (34.29mm)4.24″ (107.7mm)1.35″ (34.29mm)Trojan Condoms
Durex RealFeel Condoms7.62″ (193.5mm)1.87″ (47.63mm)3.74″ (95mm)1.19″ (30.22mm)Durex Condoms`
LifeStyles THYN Condoms7.62″ (193.5mm)1.87″ (47.63mm)3.74″ (95mm)1.19″ (30.22mm)LifeStyles Condoms
Trustex Flavored Condoms (All Flavors)7.62″ (193.5mm)1.87″ (47.63mm)3.74″ (95mm)1.19″ (30.22mm)Trustex Condoms
Durex Intense Sensation Condoms7.62″ (193.5mm)2″ (50.8mm)4″ (101.6mm)1.27″ (32.26mm)Durex Condoms
Trojan Enz Condoms7.62″ (193.5mm)2″ (50.8mm)4″ (101.6mm)1.27″ (32.26mm)Trojan Condoms
Trojan Enz Non Lubricated Condoms7.62″ (193.5mm)2″ (50.8mm)4″ (101.6mm)1.27″ (32.26mm)Trojan Condoms
Trustex Non-Lubricated Condoms7.62″ (193.5mm)2″ (50.8mm)4″ (101.6mm)1.27″ (32.26mm)Trustex Condoms
Iron Grip Condoms7.75″ (196.85mm)1.75″ (44.45mm)3.5″ (88.9mm)1.11″ (28.19mm)Caution Wear Condoms
Durex Extra Sensitive Condoms7.75″ (196.85mm)1.94″ (49.21mm)3.88″ (98.6mm)1.23″ (21.24mm)Durex Condoms
Okamoto Zero Zero Four (.004) Condoms7.75″ (196.85mm)1.94″ (49.21mm)3.88″ (98.6mm)1.23″ (21.24mm)Okamoto Condoms
Trojan BareSkin Condoms7.75″ (196.85mm)2″ (50.8mm)4″ (101.6mm)1.27″ (32.26mm)Trojan Condoms
Contempo Bareback Condoms7.75″ (196.85mm)2″ (50.8mm)4″ (101.6mm)1.27″ (32.26mm)Contempo Condoms
LifeStyles Snugger Fit Condoms7.87″ (199.89mm)1.8″ (47.63mm)3.6″ (91.44mm)1.14″ (28.95mm)LifeStyles Condoms
LifeStyles Ultra Sensitive Condoms7.87″ (199.89mm)1.8″ (47.63mm)3.6″ (91.44mm)1.14″ (28.95mm)LifeStyles Condoms
Beyond Seven Condoms7.87″ (199.89mm)1.87″ (47.63mm)3.74″ (95mm)1.19″ (30.22mm)Beyond Seven Condoms
LifeStyles SKYN Extra Lubricated Condoms7.87″ (199.89mm)1.9″ (49.21mm)3.8″ (28.45mm)1.12″ (30.22mm)LifeStyles Condoms
 Condom LengthCondom WidthCondom CircumferenceCondom Diameter 
Lifestyles Non-Lubricated Condoms7.87″ (199.89mm)1.9″ (49.21mm)3.8″ (28.45mm)1.12″ (30.22mm)LifeStyles Condoms
LifeStyles Ultra Lubricated Condoms7.87″ (199.89mm)1.9″ (49.21mm)3.8″ (28.45mm)1.12″ (30.22mm)LifeStyles Condoms
Contempo Wet & Wild Condoms7.87″ (199.89mm)1.9″ (49.21mm)3.8″ (28.45mm)1.12″ (30.22mm)Contempo Condoms
Trojan Ultra Thin Spermicide Condoms7.87″ (199.89mm)2″ (50.8mm)4″ (101.6mm)1.27″ (32.26mm)Trojan Condoms
Beyond Seven Studded Condoms7.87″ (199.89mm)2″ (50.8mm)4″ (101.6mm)1.27″ (32.26mm)Beyond Seven Condoms
Beyond Seven Aloe Condoms7.87″ (199.89mm)2″ (50.8mm)4″ (101.6mm)1.27″ (32.26mm)Beyond Seven Condoms
Contempo Mega Condoms7.87″ (199.89mm)2″ (50.8mm)4″ (101.6mm)1.27″ (32.26mm)Contempo Condoms