The Cum Facial – Everything You Ever Wanted To Know

One of the world’s greatest mysteries to many women, we just can’t figure out why is it that men like this so much! Many women have an immediate negative reaction to the idea. We feel degraded by it, or perhaps just find it gross. At best, many of us tolerate it and hope it doesn’t shoot up our nose, into our eye, or worse of all, mess up our hair.

If your man isn’t asking you for this, then perhaps you’re lucky and can get away with avoiding this altogether, but many men discover this early on in their sexual learning years and then can’t get enough.

A typical case of how a man found he loved the cum facial:

“I never watched porn when I was younger, and my first girlfriend, who was much more experienced than I, asked me when giving me a blowjob if I wanted to cum on her face.” I said “No” and after the second time she said that, I asked her WHY was she asking me that. She said that all her past boyfriends seemed to want it so she assumed I did too. I said “why?” and she didn’t know, but she knew they liked it. When I asked her if she liked it, she said, “It’s okay with me… just whatever turns you on.” I told her that I didn’t have any interest, and she didn’t bring it up again. A year or two after we had already broken up, I saw porn for the first time, and when I saw a cum facial onscreen it was literally like a BOLT OF LIGHTING connecting my brain and my dick! I was seeing something awesome that was un-explainably erotic, and from then on, I wanted it as often as possible. Girls have told me that I got this desire from watching porn but without a doubt, the desire to cum on a girl’s face was a deep instinctual urge that was only awakened by seeing it, and wasn’t created in me by repeated watching. There are many sexual acts I’ve seen in porn repeatedly, such as ass-jiggling, slapping a girl’s face with a dick, or blowing cum bubbles after a facial, that I have no desire at all to copy. In general, porn is like that… it teaches you about your own desires and doesn’t indoctrinate.”

From Jeff, Los Angeles, CA

It’s so popular that many porno movie studios have a facial at the end of EVERY scene, because so many of their customers are disappointed with any other finish. And, once men have whacked off to enough scenes like this, they’re going to be pleading or insisting their girlfriend do the same.

A Brief History of the Facial

If you read all the forum discussions about this subject online, as I have, then you’ll often find people who say facials are something that has been commonly done throughout the history of pornography, which is simply not true. Facial cum-shot scenes were actually almost unknown until fairly recently. Early “stag” films never show the act, and we assume it simply wasn’t done in the home either except maybe by accident. Since sexual skills are very rarely, taught in an organized way in any culture, it’s unlikely that anyone did this unless they happened to have discovered it by accident.

What about bukkake? We hear the myth that in ancient Japan, if a woman cheated on her husband, or had sex before marriage, the entire village of men would gather around and ejaculate on her face to punish and humiliate her. Traditional Japanese society was extremely conservative and this myth is simply not true. In fact, bukkake was invented by Japanese pornographers in the 1980’s as a way to make hard-core videos without showing genitals except highly pixelated, as dictated by Japanese law.

So where does this desire to cum on a woman’s face come from?

My extensive research on the internet came up with no clear answer about this. Many people believe that it has to do with watching porn, but as the interview above shows, many men find they have an instinct for this. But why?

Another often-cited reason is that men think of the facial as owning, dominating, or humiliating a woman. It apparently feels powerful to have a woman take his cum onto her face. But this begs the question, why her face? Why not her hair, butt or breasts? What is it about a woman’s face that signifies the exertion of power over her?

One many told me that a woman’s beauty has a lot to do with it. Cumming on a homely woman’s face had absolutely no appeal to him. And the prettier the girl, the more he would want to cum on her face, as opposed to having his orgasm inside her. Perhaps this is a clue?


Do Women Like it?

You can easily find lots of debate about this, with many women claiming that it’s humiliating or disgusting. Others say how much they love it. A testimonial from one woman may help to explain this:

“I had seen the facials on the internet before I ever had sex, so I knew what it was, and I thought it was just weird. My second boyfriend started asking me to try it, and when we did it was funny for me at first, but I began to really enjoy it. His orgasm was precious to me, and his “juice” was part of that. He was a vegetarian and his cum didn’t taste bad at all either (a big difference from my next, meat-eating boyfriend!) I loved him to cum in my mouth and on my face because HE loved it so much. With the next few boyfriends, some wanted this and some never asked. I never suggested it. It’s not really that I craved the facial, but that I just enjoyed his pleasure so much and I wanted to make him happy. My last boyfriend, who now is my husband, never asked me for a facial. He had never done it and hadn’t watched porn. I loved him so much and wanted to make him happy, so I started doing it for him on my own. The first time he was shocked and started laughing, but I asked him later and he admitted he liked it and didn’t really understand why. From time to time I would do it for him, and he grew to really love it, and now it’s an occasional part of our love-making. I can honestly say that the cum facial has made lovemaking more fun and exciting for both of us.”

    — Jennifer, Chicago, IL

Types of Facials:

Here I’m listing all the various types of facials we commonly see, from the WORST to the BEST. Maybe this can help end the stupid debate about whether facials are about humiliating a woman or not. Because obviously, the intent and ENERGY of the man, and the TYPE of facial would determine whether a facial is meant to be a form of humiliation or not.

Forehead Drop

There’s nothing sexy about this one… it looks like a bird pooped on your head. I think it’s mainly done by guys who just don’t know any better or aren’t paying attention to what they’re doing. In porn movies you can see guys mainly do this while their eyes are closed. A girl is likely to feel this is humiliating and ugly, and it may drip into her eyes or get in her hair. I recommend that you talk to your guy and warn him NOT to do this because so much can go wrong to spoil the experience. He’s going to be much happier anyway to cum around your mouth and chin area once he sees the difference, and you’ll like it more too.

All Over the Face and Hair

In the debate about whether facial cumshots are humiliating or not, this is the one that I think drives many people, especially women, to think of them as something a man does to degrade her.

In porn movies, it’s obvious there are two types of men doing these types of facials… those who enjoy degrading their lover, and those who are just dumbshits. The first type you should of course just stay away from unless you enjoy this type of sex (and a small percentage of women do get turned on being degraded like this.)

The dumbshits… well in my personal experience, men often want to do this because they see it in porn and are just copying it, hoping their woman won’t mind. But watching porn, even a lot of professionals obviously don’t like it this way. No one wants to have to get dried cum out of their hair, and a single drop in the eye burns painfully. Tell your man not to do this and instead suggest he cum on your face much lower down, closer to your mouth (See “Glamour Facial” below.) He’s going to be happy to comply. Some men, however, will lose so much control when they’re ejaculating that they are just going to spray all over your face no matter their best intentions. So if you don’t want this, then I recommend taking control for his orgasm. Ask him to watch as you guide his semen where you want it. He will love this… problem solved.

How to Avoid this Mistake and the “Up the Nose” facial described next:

    One way you can help avoid this happening by accident, is to make sure you get really low when he comes, especially in the case that you’re kneeling in front of him. Spread your knees wide, and put your hands on the ground. Arch your back and lean your head back too. The lower you are, the more he can point his cock downwards towards your mouth and avoid over-shooting. This will look really sexy to him also. Another good technique to avoid this is to lay on the bed and have him cum on your mouth from the side. With this technique it’s almost impossible that his cum will shoot into your eyes or nose.

Up the Nose

When a man comes, his penis will jerk upwards, so even if he thinks he’s aiming at your mouth, he may end up shooting it up your nose, which isn’t painful, but it can spoil the moment for both of you and it’s just plain UGLY! Any cum that’s just underneath the nose looks like snot, and not many people find a mucousy runny nose sexy. So try to keep his cum out of your nostrils or too close to them, or when he looks at your face afterward, he may just see a snotty mess. Of course, mistakes do happen, and if it does, the best way to handle it is to pretend it didn’t happen and quickly wipe clean the area under your nose. If you’re new to this, be sure to tell your man (a while later and not immediately) that you want him to try his best not to do that again.

The “I Really Don’t Like This” Cumshot

Almost no one likes this, not the guy nor the girl! Do you stick out your tongue as far as you can (which is ugly to begin with) and then close your eyes and scrunch up your face in a grimace of disgust while waiting for him to hit you between the eyes? I can’t really imagine who is doing this at home, but maybe it’s just something that happens in porn movies when an inexperienced actress gets surprised? What a good way to spoil the moment for everyone! Make sure your guy is well-trained to give you his cum the way you want it or an embarrassing moment everyone will want to forget will happen. If you’re going to do a facial for him, you absolutely must appear to be enjoying it or you’ll be giving him a very disappointing climax.

The Cum Goatee

Of all the facial cumshot mistakes, this one is the rarest and almost more humorous than anything else. How does it happen? Well let’s say that you are ready to have him cum in your mouth and on your lips. You’re looking up at him, trying to be as sexy and beautiful as you can, but somehow his cum ends up symmetrically placed on your lips and chin, so all he sees is a smiling Colonel Sanders! Humiliating or sexy? Well… I guess that depends on how you feel about fried chicken! Avoid this by keeping his cum asymmetrically placed or on your cheeks too.

OK well maybe this isn’t so rare, but it should be. Avoid the goatee look at all costs!

The Sexy Spit

Most guys absolutely LOVE this one, and girls who don’t like to swallow will often find it an acceptable compromise with their men. How it works is that when your man orgasms, his cock is placed on your tongue or in your mouth, and instead of swallowing, you let the cum fall drip back out of your mouth, onto your chin and breasts. You should be giving him eye contact, moaning with pleasure as if it’s the tastiest thing you’ve ever had, and lick your lips to spread his cum around them. Then, keep up the show for a minute or two. This is pretty much guaranteed to make any man fall madly in love with you.

The alternative, the “not sexy spit” has a place on many sex-writers “top ten biggest BJ mistakes” lists. This is when you make a horrible face like you hate his cum and then spit it out immediately (or worse yet, onto your man), or run away to the bathroom to spit it into the toilet or sink and begin immediately disinfecting your mouth. Your reaction to your man’s cum is very important to how good his orgasm is going to be, so avoid this at all costs… better not to let him cum in your mouth at all if you’re not going to enjoy it or at least make the appearance that you are.

Glamour Facial – The Mouth, Tongue, Lips and Cheeks Only

The best of all cumshots, most of the experienced directors for the big adult video companies are trying to get this as their happy ending.

The fact is that semen is sticky and messy, and no matter what you call it, it’s not so far off from snot. So shooting it onto a woman’s face in a truly beautiful, sexy, and glamorous way is a challenge. Not every man knows exactly what he wants when it comes to a facial, but when he sees THIS, he will know it.

The challenge is to explain to him that you don’t want his cum in or on your nose, eyes, forehead and hair. He may object to all these rules, so I recommend showing him the photos I have attached here, and ask him if he likes what he sees, because that’s what he’s going to get if he can control himself. The alternative is cum in your eyes and hair, which will make you not want him to cum on your face at all. Ask him, “Do you want to cum on my face in a way that I will love it and want you to do it anytime you want? Then do it MY way.” And if he can’t control himself, then you can hold his cock and paint your face with his cum when he orgasms, which he’ll probably love too.

So what does that leave? Mouth, lips, tongue, checks, chin, neck, breasts. These are his targets.

Gallery of Glamorous Facials