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Maximor Advance For Men Review

This 100% herbal sexual performance enhancer is designed to increase male sex drive and libido booster tablets are the all natural answer for attaining stronger and longer lasting erections and prolong performance for up to 12-18 hours.

Size: 2 or 4 capsules
Colour: White
Material: Natural Products
Activation: 40 Minutes
Maximor Advance For Men

It is a good blend of natural herbs, most of which are beneficial to overall health, the tables take around 40 minutes to
kick in I found that my energy levels and stamina were increased along with my general sexual arousal. I just get a slight headache while it was still starting to take effect.

As it improves blood flow I did find my erection was harder then normal and stay up afterwards I could of easily gone for a 2nd session with no rest time.

Brought from Matildas