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Penis Pump Enlarger Malesation Review

Penis Pump Enlarger Malesation. Improve erectile health and your sexual performance with this user-friendly beginner’s penis pump from Malesation . Simple to use with a hand pump and transparent cylinder so you can monitor your progress and watch your erections improve by up to 30%!

Brand: Malesation
Size: 9.5 inches
Texture: Smooth
Material: Silicone
Style: Hand Pump
Type: For Him
Feature: Latex Free
Feature: Phthalate Free
Waterproof: : Submersible

My Review:

I brought this out of curiosity and to see what it would do. It was tastefully packaged in a very straightforward box. In the box you get a set of instructions which give guidance if you are looking to achieve size gains from use, or are looking for a pre-sex pump-up.

I found applying plenty of water-based lube around the soft silicone opening of the cylinder, and over your penis is the best way to insert your penis as the hole is quite small to provide you the best suction you will also need to make sure you are well shaved.

The pump itself is very straight forward to use with a simply bulb-type pump allowing for single-handed operation, and a quick release valve for when you want to relieve the pressure. As it is a bulb type pump I have found that a couple of full squeezes of the bulb are fine to get started as you don’t want to rush as it can cause issues with minor blood blasters under the skin.

Improvements wise I would say it added around a centimetre to the length but this could have been as I reached the end of the tube and to the girth was around 1.5 centimetre gain, and my erections seem to feel fuller. Bear in mind these effect will only last 2-4 hours as a pump is not a permanent solution.

Brought from Matildas .


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Bling Rabbit Vibrator | Limited Edition Review

The Limited Edition Bling Rabbit vibrator has a multi-speed mechanism that you can control with ease, the waterproof vibrator gives you endless options of where and when to use it.

Brand Seven Creations
Size 15cm x 4cm
Powersource Batteries (3 x AA)
Material 100% Hypoallergenic Silicone
Style Rabbit Vibrators
Type For Her or Him
Stimulation Clitoral, G-Spot, Internal Stimulation
Speed Multi Speed
Waterfriendly Waterproof
 Bling Rabbit Vibrator

My Review:

This smooth silicone vibrator is beautifully sized and shaped toy is a great addition to your toy collection , My partner enjoys this one, easy to use and works very well for both while used as a vaginal simulator and great vibrating bunny ears for clitoral stimulation provides a great OMG! explosive orgasms. The rotation of the metal balls inside gave an excellent feel for Internal and G-Spot Stimulation. it is 100% water proof so you can take it in for bath time or couples shower time together J

The only downside to this vibrator is that the motor can be a little loud when all the settings are on full.

Brought from Matildas .


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Maximor Advance For Men Review

This 100% herbal sexual performance enhancer is designed to increase male sex drive and libido booster tablets are the all natural answer for attaining stronger and longer lasting erections and prolong performance for up to 12-18 hours.

Size: 2 or 4 capsules
Colour: White
Material: Natural Products
Activation: 40 Minutes
Maximor Advance For Men

It is a good blend of natural herbs, most of which are beneficial to overall health, the tables take around 40 minutes to
kick in I found that my energy levels and stamina were increased along with my general sexual arousal. I just get a slight headache while it was still starting to take effect.

As it improves blood flow I did find my erection was harder then normal and stay up afterwards I could of easily gone for a 2nd session with no rest time.

Brought from Matildas


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Bijoux Cosmetiques Massage Oil Scented Review

Aphrodisia Scented Massage Oil scented massage oil is a midnight mistress that delights in the dark. With charming scents for a subtle seduction , this bottle of magic leaves your senses spellbound.

Size: 100ml
Colour: Clear
Material: Oil based
Texture: Smooth
Toy friendly: No
Condom friendly: No
Bijoux Cosmetiques Massage Oil Scented

What a great product to add to your foreplay! With their amazing attention detail this massage oil was presented in a beautifully detailed box with truly unique scent. Overall I am really happy with this oil. Providing a lot of diversity, the Aphrodisia Scented Massage Oil allows couples to explore each other’s bodies in a fun and intimate manner. Both my partner and I adored the warming sensation of this oil.

Formulated and inspired by the Kama sutra, this decadent oil is perfumed with notes of jasmine, rich woods and spices, sweet roses and exotic ylang-ylang blending together

Brought from Matildas


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OhMiBod Lovelife Share Couples Vibrating Cock Ring Review

Sharing is caring with this velvety smooth vibrating ring. Enjoy 7 vibration patterns for an out of this world experience.

•Velvety smooth Silicone slides on easily
•Soft ring allows for a comfortable yet firm fit
•Enjoy the maximum pleasure of a cock ring: longer, stronger erections
•7 amazing vibration functions allows the intensity to build
•Shower safe for a little wet and wild fun

Internal Diameter: 1.25″ (Unstretched)
Colour: Pink
Material: 100% Silicone
Texture: Smooth
Feature: 7 Vibration Patterns
Feature: USB Rechargeable
User Time: up to 2 hours
Charging: 2.5 hours
Standby: up to 90 days
Waterfriendly: Yes
Recommended Lube: Water based
Lovelife Share Vibrating Ring

WOW what a Cock Ring! Small in size but powerful! I had a great time with this one, with the 7 vibration patterns the fun is endless The diameter is a little small but it does stretch well and slide on without a problem once some lube has been added.

I found that the vibration is quite strong but you get used to the feeling, what is nice about this ring is that the heart shape is perfect to rub up against the clitoris to provide a nice vibrating simulation for your partner.

This vein popping cock ring did the job well, it kept my orgasm back making stronger orgasm at the end of the session! The Cock Ring is also USB rechargeable with internal batteries so no taking out batteries putting them back the right way etc.

Brought from Matildas

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Durex Play Tingle Review

Durex Play Tingle Lubricant is specially formulated for a maximum tingling effect! It contains a unique blend of ingredients that warm, cool and tingle whilst still being gentle on your intimate areas. It doesn’t contain menthol and is fragrance free

Size: 60 ml
Colour: Clear
Material: Water Based
Texture: Smooth
Toy friendly: Yes
Condom friendly: Yes
Durex Play-Tingle

The Durex Play Tingle Lubricant is cool upon first application, then the mild tingling sensation begins to add stimulation to the flesh once you have applied some friction through masturbation or other sexual stimulation.

I have seen multiple bad reports online regarding burning feeling etc, but I suffered no ill effects or adverse symptoms from using the Durex Play Tingle Lubricant and in fact it was very pleasurable indeed for both partners and for manual stimulation or even while using with a sex toy.

Play Tingle is water soluble and easily washed off. It’s non sticky and doesn’t stain and its condom friendly inside and out!


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Velv’Or Jnaja Cock Ring Review


A ergonomic masterpiece of a cock ring that follows the natural curves of the male body. With an illustrious shape, lightweight feel and complete wear-ability, the JNaja by Velv’Or works as an orgasm strengthener, erection enhancer and perineum stimulator.

This particular version of JNaja has a diameter of 50mm, approximately 1.96 inches. It can be worn for an entire day, treating the wearer to the ultimate pleasure of constant pressure, while his perineum is gently massaged.


Diameter: 4.5cm / 5.0cm /5.5cm
Colour: Red, White, Black
Material: Nylon
Texture: Smooth
Feature: Organic
Material: Nylon
Waterfriendly: Yes
Velv'Or Jnaja Cock Ring

Unlike most cock rings the JNaja ring is made from solid nylon which is very different to me normally I would go for a silicon or metal cock rings however being rigid it can accommodate a protrusion from the ring that sits against the wearer’s perineum to massage that sensitive area of tissue just behind the balls.

I found that with the 50mm size that it was quite hard to fit both of testicles and penis all through the hole, in the end I had to put it on in a warm shower and lots of soap but it was a nice tight / comfortable fit once it was on 🙂 not possible after excitement has grown. The cock ring supports the penis nicely on each side making sure that your penis stays firm and straight.

I can say my erection never went down at all even by the smallest bit the whole time which ended in a nice stronger orgasm at the end of the session.

Brought from Matildas

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Noemi Silicone G-Spot Vibrator Review

Noemi vibrator in Bordeaux stimulates you with exciting ridges and a devious bend. A quiet and durable motor with one-touch controls will take care of your needs in 12 vibrations levels. Noemi is 100% water-proof, made of high-quality silicone, is easy to clean, anti-allergic, and free of phthalates.

Brand SToys
Size 14.5cm x 3.5cm
Powersource Batteries (2 x AAA)
Material 100% Hypoallergenic Silicone
Style G-Spot Vibrators
Type For Her
Stimulation G-Spot Woman, Internal Stimulation
Speed Multi Speed
Waterfriendly Waterproof


My Review:

This smooth silicone vibrator is beautifully sized and shaped for some extra foreplay or if you are going away to
just stick it in your bag. The slight curve is great g-spot exploration we also like to use it for clitoral simulation
because of the shape however the handle could be a little longer for this.

There are 12 settings which I think is a bit to much as you are not going to sit there finding the right one
however there are a great choice to pick from to make sure this little thing works for you!

This vibrator is ideal for anyone who is looking to start there collection

Also brought from Matildas so it also is affordable.


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BILLY BOY Endurance Condoms Review

BILLY BOY Endurance are delay, ribbed condoms. Essentially they provide a delay for men;
making you last longer by naturally controlling or delaying your climax without the need
for chemical additives. They feature an integrated ribbed ring which gently applies pressure,
making them ideal for those couples that want longer lasting sex

Length: 175 mm
Width at base: 52 mm
Width at bottom head 52 mm
Thickness: 0.06mm
Top: Reservoir
Material: Latex
Lubricant: Non-spermicidal


One of Europe’s favorite premium condom brands brought locally in my country from Matildas, this condom has a clever design with the ribbed ring just under the glad head which apply’s nice and comfortable pressure to make you last longer for me it created extra simulation & pleasure and with the condom being quite thin 0.06mm it felt very close to the feeling of wearing nothing.

However I did find this condom a little tighter then other condoms I have tried so was a little worried of it breaking but it held up to the test.

I would recommend these to anyone and I will be getting more in the near future!

My Rating:

SMELL ★ ★ ★ ★ MATERIAL ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
COMFORT ★ ★ ★ ★ SENSITIVITY ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
THINNESS ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ SHAPE ★ ★ ★ ★
TEXTURE ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ LUBRICANT ★ ★ ★ ★