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Velv’Or Jnaja Cock Ring Review


A ergonomic masterpiece of a cock ring that follows the natural curves of the male body. With an illustrious shape, lightweight feel and complete wear-ability, the JNaja by Velv’Or works as an orgasm strengthener, erection enhancer and perineum stimulator.

This particular version of JNaja has a diameter of 50mm, approximately 1.96 inches. It can be worn for an entire day, treating the wearer to the ultimate pleasure of constant pressure, while his perineum is gently massaged.


Diameter: 4.5cm / 5.0cm /5.5cm
Colour: Red, White, Black
Material: Nylon
Texture: Smooth
Feature: Organic
Material: Nylon
Waterfriendly: Yes
Velv'Or Jnaja Cock Ring

Unlike most cock rings the JNaja ring is made from solid nylon which is very different to me normally I would go for a silicon or metal cock rings however being rigid it can accommodate a protrusion from the ring that sits against the wearer’s perineum to massage that sensitive area of tissue just behind the balls.

I found that with the 50mm size that it was quite hard to fit both of testicles and penis all through the hole, in the end I had to put it on in a warm shower and lots of soap but it was a nice tight / comfortable fit once it was on 🙂 not possible after excitement has grown. The cock ring supports the penis nicely on each side making sure that your penis stays firm and straight.

I can say my erection never went down at all even by the smallest bit the whole time which ended in a nice stronger orgasm at the end of the session.

Brought from Matildas