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TENGA Standard Edition Rolling Head Onacup Review

TENGA, Twist, roll, left, right, back, forth… EXPLODE! The phenomenal Rolling Head Cup delivers impossibly exciting sensations, gripping you even tighter in its wonderful lotion reservoir. Welcome to the Greatest Orgasm in the World!

With the adoption of a flexible body, a range of stimuli to the penis head is now possible with this onacup, including back-and-forth, right-and-left and rolling movements.

Fully lubed and ready to go as soon as it lands on your doorstep.

Key Features:

  • TENGA male masturbator for real feel masturbation and foreplay
  • 5.5 inch length canal lined with a variety of stimulating nubs, ribs, nodules and a rippled tightening zone
  • Flexible mid-section for manual rotation and mind-blowing sensations
  • Lotion reservoir keeps 0.5 inch insertion point lubricated and ready for play
  • Air hole for customised suction
  • Made from skin safe Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE)
Brand: TENGA
Size: 5.5 inches
Texture: Textured
Material: TPE
Feature: Latex Free
Feature: Phthalate Free
Waterproof: : Yes

TENGA Standard Edition Rolling Head Onacup

My Review:

It was a pleasurable experience from start to finish with TENGA Rolling Head Onacup. Once opened the lube was basically dripping from it, but there is the perfect amount of it inside. No pre lubing required!

When sliding the toy on I did worry that there was not going to be enough room, and it was a tight fit. However, the plastic casing was soft so it caused no pain whenever my penis hit a wall. This flexibility is an advantage to this device, as it meant I could more frantically thump away without fear of a sharp corner or a hard edge.

The sensations themselves were pretty amazing, and the rolling head is interesting as I enjoy direct simulation on the head of the penis it was great for edging.

My orgasm was certainly enhanced, and the suction power was just enough to make it feel like a decent blowjob and placing finger on the valve cause a greater suction sensation

I know this is meant to be a one use toy, but if you are careful and clean it correctly then it will last a while.

Brought from Onedayonly on a special.

TENGA Standard Edition Rolling Head Onacup2