Precum Facts

Leak is normal

Men will release precum and there’s no reason to be concerned, it’s normal. This is a natural occurrence to help lubricate during sexual intercourse. Precum is secreted during arousal or foreplay. Where the actual orgasm release is milky-white in color, precum is a clear fluid. When precum is evident, have fun with it by offering the partner a taste before intercourse starts.

“Pre” means before

The prefix ‘pre’ means to come before and it maintains the meaning when talking about precum facts. The fluid released prior to a man’s orgasm is precum, meaning this is the secretion before his actual full-blown orgasm. Most precum can be measured by the drop and up to a few millimeters. This is the early start to his orgasm.

Release site

Precum develops in the Cowper’s gland of the anatomy, a very unknown gland in the body. Men’s bodies have two of these glands, each the size of a pea at the base of the penis. Precum clears the way for the actual sperm to make way during an orgasm.

Creating babies

Many women are concerned that precum can result in a pregnancy, but researchers have found that precum contains such a minimal amount of sperm that pregnancies are very limited. But contraceptive is highly recommended to prevent pregnancy or sexual transmitted diseases. Just remember that any transfer of fluid can cause pregnancy.

Too much is bad

One important precum fact is that too much foreplay can cause a man to release too much precum, causing a negative effect. To maintain an erection and continue releasing precum, a man must continually release precum and not get too excited during foreplay. So if precum is in large amounts, it may be time to slow down the foreplay.